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City of Richmond’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Services Adopt Argus.net

(Vancouver, Canada – June 19, 2014) Lucidea Corporation announces that the City of Richmond, through its Community Services and Information Technology Departments has adopted the Argus.net platform as their cultural assets management system.


The City’s vision is “to be the most appealing, livable and well-managed community in Canada”. The City and its community partners strive to collect, document, research, exhibit and interpret objects of historical and cultural significance which help to tell the story of Richmond.

In support of that vision, the Argus.net system will allow staff, for the first time, to offer:

  • Increased visibility via web access to arts, heritage and cultural assets
  • Improved collection management, covering multiple collections
  • Long term sustainability, with an evergreen strategy for future growth
  • Cost effectiveness, via “software as a subscription”

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