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ARGUS.Net Is Three Solutions In One

Software suite offers new portal, collections management and mobile app options for today’s museums

ARGUS.net is a powerful Web-based collections management, portal and mobile app solution designed to meet the needs of today’s museums as well as museums of the future. It helps:

  • Increase museum traffic using audience-specific portals and interactive exhibits that are accessible over the Internet
  • Inspire visitors with multimedia presentations and access to collections using mobile apps on smart phones and tablets
  • Ignite new opportunities ranging from E-commerce to membership metrics


Based on Questor’s robust ARGUS collections management solution, the new ARGUS.net is a highly configurable software suite designed to accommodate a diverse range of collections—including archaeology, ethnology, fine and folk art, history, natural science and slide collections. It has built-in features that allow museum professionals to re-configure ARGUS.net as their needs change and as new requirements appear.

ARGUS.net is also a single integrated system that addresses three key needs for museums. It not only features what all of today’s museums require, a museum collections management system, but also includes a portal that lets staff easily deliver updated information about the collection’s activities over the Web. Additionally an App Builder lets you quickly deploy new exhibit applications for mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone.